Thursday, November 19, 2009

Some Photoshop Fun

I was excited to have a Photoshop class this last quarter so that I could play around retouching and get credit for it. I would love to continue working in Photoshop and incorporate it into my graduate work, but we'll have to see where classes take me next semester.
Once again, my dearest was my model. After a day of trying to figure out what to do for the shoot, I finally came up with this shot of her. It was inspired by another photograph. Stunning, isn't she?
I tried several other shots of myself the same day I photographed Shalae. After literally hours of frustration, I finally got this one. Time has been an issue since being in my graduate program. The time I have to produce work is almost a month shorter than I'm used to so it's busy, busy, busy for ten weeks!

This photograph came to me late at night the night before I photographed it. In the spirit of Halloween, I wanted to create something comical and do some photoshop work as well. It was a hit in class!

Bible Photos

This was a fun lighting assignment that I worked on. We were given freedom to choose our subject matter and I thought this would be fun to do.

Preparing for the flood. According to this real photograph of Noah that was shot just before the flood, Noah was taller than an elephant.
TKO. David slew Goliath with one stone. It's amazing what can be done when you're on the Lord's side!
"Let my people go!"

Mechanics Series

I started the quarter photographing small town mechanics and loved how they turned out. However, I wasn't quite ready to pursue that project. I hope to start it back up soon, maybe next quarter.
Bubba, Hunter's Transmission, 2009
Ben, Pooler Tire, 2009

Creating a Scene: Part II

Here is the second image I worked on. I actually finished it soon after I posted the one prior to this one with Shalae, but school got in the way. Since the quarter ended today (Wahoo!), I finally have some time to post a few things I've been working on. This one was just as fun to put together. (I photographed everything except the backpack which I found on REI). Hope you enjoy!
The location.
The SUV.
The finished composite of the vehicle.
The model; (me).
The accessory.
The final product consisting of 37 layers.