Tuesday, April 7, 2009

PURE Hawaii

I developed this series on jewelry in order to create a 'mock' jewelry catalog. I wanted to see if I could successfully pull off creating the concept, photographing it, then placing it into a layout that could be applicable in the commercial world. I went as far as mailing it to my professor without informing him before hand. His roommate tossed it into the recycle bin, mistaking it for 'junk' mail. I must give credit to my brother-in-law, Sean, for the structure of my catalog. I completed this series in the fall of 2007 but people have been asking why I haven't placed it on my blog. So here you go.


  1. Dude, I am tellin Sterling you got all his daughters naked...

  2. Just in case anyone is wondering, Sterling and I were there during the photo shoots, and, yes, they were fully clothed...in one-piece bathing suits that is! Gorgeous girls, aren't they?


  3. These photos are faBuLOUS! Absolutely brilliant. WOW! You are truly talented. And Shelli, they are very beautiful girls. Man o' man I love all the work on this site. I marked it with the sites I love on my blog! Can't wait to see more.